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Going Green: Making Eco-Friendly Real Estate Investments

More and more real estate investors are considering making their projects more “green” not just to protect the environment but also to protect their wallet. If you’re going to hold the property as a rental, you can save on energy costs by investing in energy efficiency appliances. If it’s a flip, you can increase resale value by making your project more green with some of the tips below.

The biggest challenge investors face when trying to make their real estate fix and flip more environmentally friendly is simply not knowing where to start. In addition, many people think making a project green is expensive and difficult, but in reality, there are a number of simple and affordable ways to reduce your environmental impact.


The Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions on Real Estate Construction and Renovations

While the pandemic inflicted unprecedented losses on many businesses, one sector that did not follow that trend was residential real estate. The market both nationwide and here in the New York area continues to be red hot — largely as city dwellers move to the suburbs and the surge in demand has put the existing inventory of suburban homes in short supply.

Although finding an investment property can be difficult right now, it’s also an opportunity to make big profits – multiple sources including Bloomberg, CNBC, and Forbes report profits on flips are at a record high. And it’s an especially good opportunity for those who have insider’s knowledge like contractors and realtors. I know first-hand –  as an investor and contractor, I have renovated and flipped more than 180 properties in my career.