If you’re buying a distressed property that you plan to renovate and hold as a rental, this is the ideal product for those who have or are building a portfolio of real estate to provide passive income. Unlike most commercial “bank” loans, with our loan, you can own the property in your corporate entity yet we do not consider the owner’s Debt to Income Ratio and you hold the property in your corporation or LLC, not your personal name.


  • Rates Rates as low as 4.95%
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • 5, 10, and 30-year Fixed and Interest Only ARM options
  • Single properties and portfolios
  • Cash out, Rate/Term, Purchase available
  • Loan amounts of 75k to 1M SFR, or up to 2M 2-4 Family, Portfolio product up to 50M


  • You select your term
  • You provide basic information about the property
  • We order appraisal
  • We close within 30 days

Borrower Requirements

  • Loan to an LLC or other corporate entity
  • Minimum Credit Score 680
  • Own at least one property (primary residence counts)