If you’re buying a distressed property that you plan to renovate and hold as a rental, this is the ideal product for those who have or are building a portfolio of real estate to provide passive income. Unlike most commercial “bank” loans, with our loan, you can own the property in your corporate entity yet we do not consider the owner’s Debt to Income Ratio and you hold the property in your corporation or LLC, not your personal name.


  • Up to 80% LTV R/T, Purchase
  • Up to 75% LTV Cashout
  • 5, 7, 10, 30 yr fixed, and 5, 7,10yr I/O Options
  • Single properties and portfolios
  • 1-4 Family, warrantable condos, townhomes, PUDS, mixed-use, multi-family 5+ units
  • Interest Rates as low as 4.95%
  • Cash out, Rate/Term, Purchase Available
  • Loan amounts of 75k to 1M SFR, 2-4 Family 2M, Portfolio product up to 50M


  • You select your term
  • You provide basic information about the property
  • We order appraisal

Borrower Requirements

  • Loans to an LLC or other corporate entity
  • Minimum Credit score of 680
  • Own at least one property (Primary residence counts)

Paulding County, GA

$136,000 Rental

This new investor was referred to us just two weeks before her closing date. Although she is a first time investor who lives across the country, she was able to present a plan demonstrating her ability to complete the project.

Purchased for $160,000, the home will undergo about $50,000 in renovations and will then be held as a rental property. Our loan of $136,000 helped this new investor start her real estate investing journey.

Another happy member of the Rock Eeast Family.

Bronx, NY

$500,000 DSCR loan

Active investors need to have cash on hand to buy properties, and DSCR loans are a great option.

This two-family property is worth $850,000 and had NO mortgage on it. That’s a lot of equity to have tied up when you are actively buying more properties. We could have provided this seasoned investor a loan of $595,000, but he decided $500,000 was enough. At a rate of 7.8%, the property still cashflows handsomely.

This is our first deal with this investor, but certainly not the last.

Essex County, NJ

$200,000 Fix and Flip

Another successful BRRR! This property was purchased in March for $360,000. It underwent $150,000 in renovations and is now worth more than $700,000. The client refinanced to keep it as a rental, and it’s now fetching almost $3,000/month in rent.

Our loan of $200,000 enabled this investor to add another asset to their growing portfolio.

Queens, NY

$400,000 Fix and Flip

We’ve been grateful to welcome many, many new clients to the Rock East Family recently, but we’re equally grateful for clients who have been working with us for as long as 20 years. We were pleased to help this long-term client with yet another great deal.

Purchased for $200,000, the construction budget is $400,000. A big undertaking, but well worth it as the ARV is $950,000.

Our loan of $400,000 will help this savvy investor pull in a profit of close to $200,000!

Hudson County, NJ

$600,000 Bridge

Four closings in one day for one new client – that’s what baseball fans would call a “Grand Slam” of a day.

These partners purchased four condos in one building in New Jersey, each for $177,000. They are fully renovated and valued at $250,000 each but they had to close quickly to get this heavily discounted price. We provided short term bridge financing of $150,000 per unit – a total of $600,000 – to enable them to secure the deal. They are keeping them as rentals so we’ll help them convert to 30-year rental loans.

Another happy customer welcomed into the Rock East Family.

Gaston County, NC

$135,000 Fix and Flip

When this Virginia based client wanted to expand to North Carolina, he knew Rock East would be there for him – and we were. This home was purchased for $245,000 and will undergo about $30,000 in renovations. It will only be worth about $315,000 once completed but the key to this deal is it comes with an adjacent lot that can be subdivided and built on!

Because of funds coming from a 1031 exchange, our loan is only $135,000 – but it’s what the client needed to make the deal happened. Wherever they are, we’re there for our clients.

New Haven County, CT

$178,500 DSCR loan

We love it when we can help our clients take a deal “full circle.”

Last year, we helped this trio of seasoned investors purchase this distressed property for $175,000. They invested about $30,000 in sprucing it up and quickly rented out both units.

This month, we provided a 30-year DSCR loan of $178,500 – enabling them to pull just about all of their cash out while retaining a cash flowing asset for their portfolio. Now their cash is freed up for the next one.

Bronx, NY

$252,000 Fix and Flip

It’s always great to see one of our longest running clients pull off another great deal. Purchased in December for $460,000, this single family in the Bronx was cleaned up to the tune of about $70,000. It just sold for $660,000, netting this investor a profit of just under $100,000.

Our loan of $252,000 helped make this deal happen.

Bergen County, NJ

$2.2 million Fix and Flip

The numbers in this deal sound like new construction, but it’s actually a massive renovation of an existing property. Purchased for $900,000, this property will be completely transformed by an experienced builder who is budgeting $900,000 for the renovation. Once it’s completed, this home should sell for almost $3.5 million.

After building in an interest reserve and some contingencies, we were able to provide a loan of $2.2 million. It’s a significant carrying cost, but once it’s completed it should net a profit of more than $500,000!

Brooklyn, NY

$1.5 million Fix and Flip

The competition in New York City can be fierce, but it’s still and unbelievable market to make big bucks on a deal. These season investors purchased this two family home in a historic district for $830,000. Because of historic district requirements, it will cost another $850,000 to properly renovate it according to all requirements. But once completed it will be well worth it – fetching more than $2.5 million!

Our loan of $1.5 million is helping restore this building to its original glory.

Essex County, NJ

$410,500 Fix and Flip

This seasoned investor continues to find gems in his New Jersey market. Purchased for $345,000 in October, it underwent about $100,000 in renovations. This week it sold for $650,000, netting a profit of well over $100,000.

Our loan of $410,500 helped make it happen – onto the next one.

Rockland County, NY

$267,00 Fix and Flip

We always love welcoming new investors to the Rock East Family – especially when they are referred by another satisfied client.

This new investor purchased this property for $295,000 and will invest about $60,000. Once it’s completed, it should sell for $485,000 – netting a profit of more than $75,000. Our favorite part – two days after closing he was already ready for his first construction draws.

Our loan of $267,000 helped this new investor get started on the fix and flip journey.

Luzerne County, PA

$150,000 Rental

Sometimes Rock East feels like Hotel California – you can never leave!

This seasoned investor worked with us more than 20 years ago. We were happy to reconnect at a recent convention and all these years later we were there for him once again.

As an active investor, he wanted to tap into some of his equity. So we provided a 30 year DSCR loan of $150,000 against his single family rental property, giving him some capital he needs to continue building his portfolio.

Lee County, FL

$335,000 New Construction

Yes, we do new construction!🛠️ This experienced investor bought the land for just $35,000 and needed just over $300,000 to build. Once it’s completed, this 2 bed, 2 bath will sell for around $500,000. Our loan of $335,000 will help the investor net a nice profit.

Thanks to the mortgage broker who brought us this deal because he knows we ALWAYS PROTECT.

Orange County, NY

$295,000 Fix and Flip

Hopefully this is a good foreshadowing of the Spring market.🌱. Purchased for $292,000, this single family home required only a clean up totaling around $30,000. It just sold for $440,000, netting a profit of over $50,000.

Our loan of $295,000 helped make the deal happen.

Ulster County, NY

$283,500 Fix and Flip

Welcome to the family! This new client, who heard about our unparalleled service from other investors, purchased this home for $280,000. The husband in this duo is a contractor and will invest about $60,000 in renovations. Once completed it will sell for around $440,000 – with some savings because the wife is a realtor.

Nashville, TN

$1.7 million Fix and Flip

Ever hear of loan to own, where a lender is hoping the borrower defaults so they can take the property? Here’s the opposite.

Our borrower was struggling to complete a large project, so we stepped in to help. Another client took over the project, purchasing the property for $1 million. It will take him about another $950,000 to complete it and then this nearly 4,000 sq. ft. home should sell for about $3.5 million.

Our loan of $1.7 million helped one client out of a jam, and set another on the path to a big pay day. That’s the “family” difference.

Nassau County, NY

$328,500 Fix and Flip

We love welcoming new clients to the “family”, especially when they are right in our own backyard. This client was referred by his lawyer because he needed to close quick – within 5 days – and he knew we would get it done.

Purchased for $365,000, it will undergo about $35,000 in renovations and will then go back on the market for around $540,000.

Our loan of $328,500 will help this seasoned investor net around $100,000!

Orange County, NY

$409,350 Fix and Flip

It’s a new year, but for this savvy investor it’s the same old story – another home run.

This single family home was purchased for $402,000 in July. It required less than $50,000 in renovations to get it into pristine condition and sold last week for $633,000. That’s a profit of about $100,000.

Not a bad way to kick off the New Year.

Columbia County, NY

$227,500 Fix and Flip into Rental

What a great way to start the New Year – helping a client finish up a deal we started with him last year!

When he purchased this property for $252,000, we provided a loan of $227,500 which included acquisition funding and renovation funding. With renovations completed and the three units fully rented, this week we closed on a rate-and-term 30-year fixed rate loan.

Now he’s set to maximize the cashflow!

Sussex County, NJ

$227,500 Fix and Flip into Rental

We love “full cycle” deals like this one, when we can help our clients achieve their real estate goals by using a variety of the tools in our toolbox.

We helped this client purchase and renovate this property with an “acquisition/renovation” loan of $175,000 earlier this year. After a beautiful renovation of around $125,000, we refinanced it into a 30 year, no-doc cash-flow rental loan at a rate of 7.95%.

The loan of $227,500 enabled the borrowers to get all of their cash out of the property and move on to the next one.


$602,000 Multi-Family Bridg Loan

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