Financial FAQs

How quickly can you close?
We have built our business on being ready to close when our clients are ready. For an acquisition/renovation loan, we can close in as little as 48 hours. Long-Term financing will take around 30 days.

Do I need good credit to get a loan?
We do not provide 100% financing. You will need cash for the unfunded portion of the project.

Do I need cash to close?
You will need cash for the unfunded portion of your project and closing costs.

What initial paperwork do I need?
We keep the paperwork to a minimum. You can start with our simple “Prequalify” questionnaire.

What income requirements do you require?

We do not have set income requirements.

Are there any properties you won’t provide loans for?

We do not lend for owner-occupied houses, malls and hotels.

Do you require a minimum credit score?

For Acquisition/Renovation loans we require a 620 credit score. For Long Term financing, 640 is the minimum.

What are your lending limits?

We do not have a set minimum or maximum amount of money we will lend. You are welcome to apply for a loan, regardless of how big or small the amount you need is