If you’re buying a property to completely demolish and start anew, or have a piece of vacant land that you want to develop this is the ideal product for you. This product can be used for 1-4 family properties.


  • Up to 50% of purchase price without building permits
  • Up to 65% of purchase with building permits
  • Up to 75% LTC
  • Up to 100% of construction costs
  • Interest-only payments due monthly
  • No prepayment penalty and no interest due on unused renovation funds
  • One Year Loan – Extensions Available
  • No ground-up construction in 2nd home markets


  • You Provide a contract or proof of ownership
  • You provide scope of work, budget, plans, and permits
  • We order an ARV Appraisal
  • We close as soon as you’re ready

Borrower Requirements

  • Loans to an LLC or other corporate entity
  • Minimum Credit score of 680
  • Proof of 3 New Construction projects (Exceptions for extensive fix and flip experience)