Secret to Success: Rock East’s Guiding Principles

While 2022 was a tumultuous year in the real estate investing industry, we are extremely proud that it was a record-setting year at Rock East Funding. While other lenders pulled back, or even disappeared, our clients continued to count on us to help them achieve their goals.

Why does Rock East continue to thrive? We believe it’s because we continue to stay true to the principles that have guided us since Alan first started lending more than 30 years ago. We have always stayed true to those principles, and we always will.

Lend With Integrity: It’s a cliché, but we believe it’s true – you’re only as good as your word. If we commit to funding a deal, we will fund it. When we commit to loan terms, we don’t make last-minute changes. Honesty and transparency in all interactions!

Provide Unparalleled Customer Service: We understand that investing is a fast-moving industry and that time really can mean money. Our Loan Officers are always available to our clients and are the point of contact throughout the life of the loan. No 800 number to call or a “closing department” to handle last minute issues. Our loan officers make sure that we are ready to close.

And our accessibility doesn’t end when the loan closes. We know that construction draws are key to keeping deals on track, so we make sure draws take just a couple of days, not a couple of weeks. If issues arise with servicing the loan, we are there to resolve them. As a recent client said, “your personal service is what sets you apart.”

Make Sure Everybody Wins: On a regular basis, we see deals that we know, based on our experience, are not good deals for the client. Although we as a lender could make money on those deals, we won’t fund them. We believe that good business is when everyone wins – we never want to be the only “winner” in a deal. This is why our clients often come to us early in the process to help them evaluate a deal before they commit.

In short, at Rock East we treat our clients like family. Always have and always will.