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How to Achieve Your Real Estate Investing Goals in 2022

Becky Nova is a Cancer Researcher by day, Real Estate Investor. After taking time away from the hospital, Becky lived in Spain and Portugal where she owned a Tour Company and then a bar, respectively. Unfortunately, she lost the bar and moved back to the States penniless. It was then that she met her now husband, Emilio. Emilio had immigrated to the United States a few years before and dreamt of Homeownership. In an attempt to not live mortgage payment to mortgage payment, Becky suggested they purchase a multifamily.
Although finding an investment property can be difficult right now, it’s also an opportunity to make big profits – multiple sources including Bloomberg, CNBC, and Forbes report profits on flips are at a record high. And it’s an especially good opportunity for those who have insider’s knowledge like contractors and realtors. I know first-hand –  as an investor and contractor, I have renovated and flipped more than 180 properties in my career.